2016, we welcomed an average of 15 families joining Westwood Residences per month. At the start of 2017 till today (16 March 2017), a total of 60 new families will be making Westwood Residences their home.

If you are wondering why Westwood Residences EC, an Executive Condominium, far away from MRT station and tucked in the far west of Singapore are attractive to these families. Here are the five reasons (especially Fact no. 4 & 5) which make Westwood Residences a “Hidden Gem”:

  1. Velodrome & Bike Theme
  2. Own Bus
  3. Developer is also the main contractor
  4. Hidden Capital Gain Potential
  5. Future Connectivity & Convenience

Fact No.1: Velodrome & Bike Themed

While Singapore government is planning for a velodrome by the year 2030, Westwood Residences will have a mini velodrome when it TOP in 2017/18 – beating the Singapore government to having the velodrome first. It is also the only residential development with a velodrome.

Velodrome in Westwood Residences. The first Velodrome in a residential development in Singapore.

Fact No.2: Own Bus

OK, let’s not hide this downside of Westwood Residences, Westwood Residences is NOW not within walking distance to MRT, and the nearest bus stop is 400 meters away.

Anticipating that the shuttle bus service would be a valuable asset to the residents of Westwood Residences, the developer, KOH brothers, bought a bus for Westwood Residences. Yes, Westwood Residences will own the bus.

Why this matters?

Very often, after the management committee is taken over by the residents, there is a risk that bus service will be voted out due to cost. And the residents who needed the shuttle bus service will suffer as a result. By owning the bus, it will dramatically bring down the cost of maintaining the shuttle bus service, ensuring the shuttle bus service will run for the next 10 years.

Fact No.3: Koh Brother is also the main contractor

Being the developer and main contractor, Koh Brothers takes on full responsibility for the quality of the development. Its reputation as a developer and main contractor is at stake if Westwood Residences turns out to be a poor development, inevitably doubled Koh Brothers’s commitment to deliver a top quality product like the award-winning Marina Barrage they have built.

Marina Barrage

Fact No.4: Hidden Capital Gain Potential

Jurong Innovation District (JID) was announced in March 2016 after Westwood Residences was launched in May 2015 and this makes a whole lot of differences – this means the price of Westwood Residences offered by Koh brother has not factored in the capital growth potential of Westwood Residences that will be brought about by JID.

With over 100,000 of researchers, engineers, students expected to work, study & play at JID, an increase in demand for accommodation at Jurong West is expected when JID is ready, and this will drive up the property prices of Westwood Residences.

Note: Jurong Innovation District is not Jurong Lake District (2nd CBD of Singapore). Without a doubt, Westwood Residences will also benefit from Jurong Lake District. We didn’t mention Jurong Lake District because it is a well-known fact. Westwood Residences is right opposite Jurong Innovation District.

Fact No.5: Future Connectivity & Convenience

Again, Westwood Residences is not near MRT and in the far west of Singapore.

But can you spot the future MRT station that would be coming up with JID in the video?

Clue: Look closer when the video is nearing 1 minutes 40 seconds.

As we know, a study by NUS shows that an MRT not only brings about connectivity to various part of Singapore, the opening of a new MRT station boosted the property prices by 6.3%.

And if you still think Jurong is a far west of Singapore, with the high-speed rail coming online in future, Jurong will be the gateway to the rest of the world, starting with Malaysia.


Are you looking for the “Hidden Gem” like everyone else?

Westwood Residences is one of such “HIDDEN GEM”.

We warmly welcome you to arrange your show flat appointment to discover the hidden potential of Westwood Residences. The discussion is non-obligatory, and you can cancel the appointment anytime. 


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